AATEQ purchased during the year of 2014, from a specialized company, 2 industrial washing machines, having different objects, as follows:

-  1st washing machine was purchased for industrial washing of metal parts made from: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, bronze etc. The parts are washed in order to degrease and neutralize the metal parts, but also for giving a protective coating layer against rust on the metal surfaces.

-  2nd washing machine was bought in order to clean the parts manufactured from stainless steel which were previously welded. The object of this machine is to clean through a chemical washing process the burn left after the welding on stainless steel, resulting a clean surface.


During the year of 2014 purchased a CNC marking machine that is working in two axes plus a slicer. This allows the marking by scoring the metal parts produced from any kind of material.


In AATEQ there is a complex, well-structured and organized assembly department, with highly qualified personnel, trained at the customer site, where all the work is carried out on demand from customers, realizing assembly works of different dimensions: small, medium and large.

Inside the assembly department is also a subdivision that carry out important projects for electrical assembly, planned to be held for long periods of time, for big clients from countries such as Belgium and Germany. These projects are carried out by teams of trained people for long periods at client site, aiming to satisfy all customer requirements.


AATEQ has a spraying booth for wet painting, equipped with paint spray guns for liquid paint.


COLABORATIONS with other suppliers

Other operations that AATEQ can provide through strategic long-term collaborations with reliable partners from Romania and Belgium:

- Laser cutting / oxygen cutting/ water jet cutting;

- Heat treatments: electrolytic galvanizing, hot dip galvanizing, annealing, induction hardening, chrome plating, carburizing, carbo-nitrating, anodizing, nickel treatment etc.;

- Coatings with polyurethane / rubber;

- Plastic Injection;

- Electrostatic Painting, etc.