The quality system implemented and maintained throughout this period: ISO 9001: 2008 is provided by the measuring equipment such as digital 2D vertical measuring columns and by the measuring intruments calibrated in authorized laboratories.

In June 1st, 2008 AATEQ obtained the Quality Certificate ISO 9001: 2008 which was prolonged every year, the quality system being improved every year through better organization and new better quality equipment.

The quality system inside AATEQ operates through two departments: "Quality assurance (QA)" and "Technical quality control". In total, in these two departments are working 7 quality engineers. They are working together so the pieces that are leaving the company to meet all the requested conformities. In this regard, the engineers of the Technical Quality Control department performs the initial and intermediate control, directly on the production line and then, the Quality Management Department performs the final inspection, making the accompanying documentation of the parts and gives the final delivery decision.