AATEQ executes precision metalic parts through processing operations as: turning, milling and grinding, in particular for small and medium quantities, for customers that are activating in the innovative machine building industry. There is also a complex division developed for industrial metal constructions, that are based on sheet metal and accurate welds on materials like steel, stainless steel and aluminium, the welding operation being conducted by specialized personnel trained continuously, in order to achieve the best quality results.

AATEQ began its activity in 2007, succeeding shortly through the quality of the provided manufactured products and services to develop and optimize the supply chain and distribution, serving clients in countries such as Belgium, Netherland, Germany etc. operating in various industries such as mechanical engineering industry, medical industry, chemical industry, agriculture industry, food industry, textile industry, etc.

AATEQ in its concluded partnerships, focuses on those customers who pursue a long-term collaboration and cooperation with a real opening, working effectively for customers that are interested in building a long term professional relationship following the "win-win" principle.

The same mentality is manifested also in the concluded partnerships with the suppliers, being created based on sincere and lasting trace and professional relations with all the agreed suppliers, AATEQ investing time to develop them and build a relationship based on cooperation and openness from both sides, following the same principle as for the customers, namely strengthening "win-win" partnerships.

The production space equipment is counting: 29 CNC machines (14x lathes, 11x Mills, 2x plasma cutting machines, 1x bending machine, 1x marking machine), 12 conventional machines (4x grinding machines, 3x conventional Lathes, 5x Conventional Mills) and a developed welding department who execute small and large construction works in materials like steel, aluminium and stainless steel (MIG-MAG, TIG-WIG).

Welding works are executed by specialists,  ISCIR authorized, respecting the high quality standards demanded by customers. The welding operations where AATEQ preclude its competition in terms of quality are those welding operations executed in protective environment in Argon and Corgon, with high resistance in stainless steel work, autogenous welding operations.