AATEQ is also equipped with machines for cleaning or finishing the metallic parts, such as sandblasting equipment and grinding machines but also a complete browning equipment. Aateq execute also, related operations as deburring, polishing and others operations made by human hands.


AATEQ has two machines for sanding metals (cleaning or finishing process through the abrasive blow on the metal surfaces) with sand or other abrasive granular material propelled with speed through mechanical centrifugation or with the help of a gas jet (air).

Sandblasting that runs in AATEQ is made with natural materials like olivine sand, garnet sand or zirconium.

The sandblasting operation made in AATEQ is performed in order to clean and degrease the metal parts, thus eliminating contaminants from different metal surfaces. The type of blasting executed in AATEQ, can clean even the toughest deposits up: rust, priming, corrosion, scale, paint.


AATEQ is equipped with 4 conventional grinding machines (2 machines for flat grinding and other 2 machines for circular grinding) which helps machining through chip removal on metal surfaces of the executed parts, using abrasive tools.

Flat grinding can be done on metal parts with lengths up to 500mm and the circular grinding can be done on parts with dimensions up to 550mm diameter and 1500mm length.

Both flat grinding and circular grinding, in AATEQ can be made on parts manufactured from metallic materials, such as: carbon and alloyed steels and stainless steel.


AATEQ performs also polishing on metals. This operation requires the use of professional burnishes equipment in order to make the cold rolling on thin annealed and pickled metal sheets. Polishing in AATEQ is often used for finishing the welding work, previous made on metal parts, in order to obtain a smooth surface on those metal structures.


In AATEQ run also a cold browning equipment, which is a chemical process that takes place at the ambient temperature that offers the advantage that during the blackening process the dimensions of the parts does not change.